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Build a personal, fully interactive sales script with TelpMe. Use it in your calls and win customers with confidence.

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Get to know your customer

Stop worrying about what to say next. With your sales script, you can finally focus on listening – and on building a relationship with your potential customer.


Deliver a great sales pitch

Show people how you can solve their exact problems. Quickly build compelling sales pitches that will make them want to buy from you.


Respond with confidence

Sometimes it's difficult to find the right words on the spot. Create your own conversation helpers and handle tricky situations with ease.


Learn and improve

Download and review a PDF summary of your last call. Improve your sales script with just a few clicks before you dive into your next meeting.

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“This happened today: My colleague is on the phone with a prospect. He's struggling with the sales pitch. I just open TelpMe for him and... Bang! Meeting booked!”

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Business Design Lead, Volvo Product Labs

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