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Master your sales calls.

Start using our virtual sales assistant in your team and win more customers than ever before.

The best sales teams never stop learning.

How can we close more deals?
For what reasons do our calls fail?
How can we make our offer more compelling?
How do we turn our new team members into top closers?
TelpMe Sales Insights

The answer to your questions.

Receive a detailed analysis of your team's sales performance. TelpMe will identify strengths and weaknesses, important customer needs, and more. With these insights, you'll have everything you need to make your team more successful.

How successful are our sales calls?

For what reasons do they fail?

What's important to our customers?

How can we improve performance?

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TelpMe Sales Assistant

The intelligent sales script.

Smart software will guide your salespeople through their calls and help them to make compelling pitches. Let TelpMe become your secret weapon and allow your team members to close more deals than ever before – whether they're starters or sales professionals.

This just happened today: A prospect is calling. My colleague doesn't remember the pitch. I open TelpMe for him and... Boom! Meeting booked!
Benedikt Business Development Lead at Volvo Cars
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TelpMe can do even more...

Build new sales scripts in 5 minutes

Download a summary of each call (PDF)

Set and reach goals (Gamification)

Integrate with your CRM software

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