Do your sales calls look like this?

Stress, permanent rejection, fire-breathing dragons: Winning customers can be tough. It's time to change that.
  • I never really know what to say.
  • The only word I’m hearing is “no”.
  • Maybe cold calling just isn’t my thing…

If you have some sales experience, you will probably agree:

In a lot of industries, the telephone is still one of the most effective ways to reach new customers.

But the other side of the coin is: More than 60% of salespeople are confronted with outright sales call anxiety every day.1

Chances are that you have attended a sales seminar in the past, wanting to tackle this issue. Or you’ve read a book, received tons of valuable input and even saw some success afterwards.

But a few weeks later you seem to be stuck again. And now you are back on your own.

What now?

The ideal world

Imagine having a personal long-term coach.

A sales trainer who will look over your shoulder every time you make a call from now on.

He or she will…

  • …help you to prepare for every situation.
  • …ensure that you always know what to say.
  • …show you where and how you can improve.
  • …motivate you to constistently give your best.

Winning new customers would be a piece of cake, right?

Not knowing what to say? Impossible.

Successfully handling customer objections? Not a big deal.

You would only have to pick up the phone - and make a big new sale within a few minutes.

It’s every salesperson’s secret dream.

But of course, a trainer who is looking after you 24/7 for months or even years… that’s a bit unrealistic.

So is this whole thing too good to be true?

It’s time for a virtual sales trainer!

It is 2018 and artificial intelligence is everywhere. Why not let a computer take over this task?

That’s the basic idea behind TelpMe.

TelpMe is a cloud-based software that helps you with every phase of the acquisition process.

  1. Preparation

    TelpMe helps you build a personal, interactive sales script.

    (So that you always know what to say, while still remaining flexible.)

  2. Conversation

    It guides you through your phone calls step-by-step.

    (So that you can actively listen instead of trying to figure out what to say next.)

  3. Evaluation & Feedback

    It tells you exactly where your potential customers lose interest.

    (So that you can learn from it and become a better salesperson over time.)

  4. Motivation

    Gamification elements in TelpMe will make selling fun again.

    (And they motivate your team to maximum performance.)

Who's behind this?

Foto von Niklas Roßmann

Hi, I'm Niklas! I've been working in sales for an a couple of years now, mainly in the IT sector. I originally designed TelpMe for myself when I couldn't find a tool that would fit my needs. Do you have suggestions or questions? Let me know! I'd love to hear them.


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