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Are you struggling to sell your product?

Sales calls can be scary. Especially when you're just starting out. Let TelpMe be your guide and win your first customers like a pro.

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What kind of call do you need help with?

Cold Call

Introduce yourself to your potential customer.

Discovery Call

Understand your customer’s needs and wants.

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Build your personal interactive sales script.

How does TelpMe help you
win new customers?


Ask the right questions

Stop worrying about what to say next. With TelpMe, you can finally focus on listening – and on building a relationship with your potential customer.


Take notes during the call

Any notes you take during the call will be stored securely in your web browser. Once the call has finished, you can download them and store them in your CRM.


Deliver a compelling sales pitch

Sometimes it's difficult to find the right words on the spot. With TelpMe, you'll handle objections and deliver a sales pitch that will make people want to buy


Develop a shared success plan

Plan the next steps together with your potential customer. Show them a clear path to success and make it easy for them to just say yes.

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“This happened today: My colleague is on the phone with a prospect. He's struggling with the sales pitch. I just open TelpMe for him and... Bang! Meeting booked!”

Volvo employee


Business Design Lead, Volvo Product Labs

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