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Cure your sales anxiety with software.

Does the thought of having to sell make you uncomfortable? Are you struggling to turn your calls into customers?


“If you build it, they will come...” terrible business advice. And we all know it.

We know that building a product is only half the battle. We know that we should talk to potential customers – as early as possible.

And yet, most of us are finding excuses for not doing it.

  • Our product isn't finished yet.
  • I just have to build one more feature.
  • I'll optimize the landing page a bit more.
  • We need to come up with a marketing plan.

Secretly, we hope that – one day – customers will just magically appear and hand us their money.

Why? Because asking strangers to buy your product is scary.

They could say no to you. Tell you that they don't want it.

And that thought is terrifying. Especially when you've built something that you're really proud of.

Nobody enjoys getting rejected. Sales anxiety is real.

But here's the thing most successful entrepreneurs understand:

Learning how to sell is crucial. Because it's the fastest way to building a profitable business.

Quote: "More bootstrappers would succeed if they focused on sales..."

Courtland Allen, founder of Indie Hackers

How does TelpMe make talking to prospects less scary?
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Get to know your customer

Understand what's important to your future customer and how you can help. Stop thinking about what to say next. With TelpMe, you can finally focus on listening.


Deliver a great sales pitch

Show your future customers exactly how you will solve their problems. Craft compelling sales pitches that will make them want to buy.


Respond with confidence

It can be difficult to find the right words sometimes. Create your own conversation helpers and master tricky situations with confidence.


Learn and improve

Download a comprehensive PDF summary after each call. Improve your sales script with just a few clicks before you dive into your next call.

Ready to build a profitable business?

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“This just happened today: A prospect is on the phone. My colleague is struggling with the sales pitch. I open TelpMe for him and... bang! Meeting booked!”

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